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Home >> Bita Lake travel information and trip

Bita Lake

Bita LakeBita Lake Nature Reserve is located in the eastern part of northwest Yunnan Zhongdian County, 25 kilometers from the county. Bita protected areas as the center, with a total area of 840 square kilometers. Bita about 3 km and a width of one kilometer, Bita hormone is known as the Pearl of the plateau, the lake elevation of 3538 meters, is the highest lake in Yunnan Province, the history that had to be flooded depressions zone, Quaternary With strong uplift of the Tibetan Plateau formed the face of the current plateau.

Tibetan Bita is the oak tree into a piece of the place. Bita Tibetan word for quiet and sea. In the sunny days of spring Bita watch, do not have fantastic. Lakefront around the ancient oak pines, blotting out the sun, Bita is Dai-colored mountains, like a mosaic in the mountains of emeralds. The water is clear and bright, shining in the sun continuously Jinhui, sparkling glow, Qi Xiu eye. Alpine lake, sights integration, Shangri-la tours were described as half-half Lake Castle Lake. Brilliant brilliant azaleas around the lake, lakeside flowers, fish swim in shallow shore drag. He looked out from azalea flowers, and in the vast meadow, flocks of sheep leisurely stroll in the meadow dotted with flowers, lake and grassland thus exist side by side.

In the absence of any pollution, so Bita fish resource conservation in a more complete, in which there is a fish as much as three lips! This is the Chinese biologists named the Bita heavy lip fish, it is the legacy of species Quaternary glacial time period, dating back more than 250 years of history.

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