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Home >> Baisha Ancient Town sightseeing information

Baisha Ancient Town

Baisha Ancient TownWhite Sands is the birthplace of the family's wood, wood clan here accumulated experience planning towns. As early as the Tang Dynasty Nanzhao Wang Feng Yulong Snow Mountain is Beiyue when the wood's ancestor (then still Lijiang Wang) began the construction of the white sand here and Beiyue Temple Street. Song and Yuan dynasties, very busy here, Lijiang tours and trade, political and cultural center, has been to the Ming Dynasty Wood's family moved to the town of Dayan.

Baisha town in the heart is known as the wood of the community and a symbol of political power house of the Grand Place, there is the blessing of the forest freed Temple (gate and main hall have moved within Yuquan Park), Tai Po plot Palace, glass temple , Dading Court and other religious buildings. The accumulation of wealth to help the wood's Business Plaza significantly less than wood all square scale, which indicates that the wood's family at this time as accessories or commercial rights, but Dayan when planning more broad-minded the. In addition, wood's start from here on the Yulong Snow Mountain spring water attracted about business east of the square and over, and later in Dayan will flow more beauty to the fullest.

Baisha Lijiang is the main gathering point murals, Hongwu fifteen years, Naxi A A A leader must mobilize allegiance to the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang was Qin surname wood, Tusi Law satisfied that the Sea Spirit, peep Central Plains of the clock thinking, and actively introduce advanced culture and artistry mainland, in Baisha temple built more than twenty big place, and invited the Han, Tibetan, Naxi painter to paint the walls of these temples, and Tai Po plot Palace and the house and glass Dading Court is to preserve a higher concentration of the Department of the Ming Dynasty murals.

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