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Home >> Qiongzhu Temple travel information and tours

Qiongzhu Temple

Qiongzhu TempleQiongzhusi Yunnan Kunming a scenic spot, is located in the northern suburb of Kunming Xi case jade mountain, 12 km from the city. In quiet monastery in the corner of the main hall of the right there is a three-year extension of the Yuan Dynasty established the decree, which reads bestowed the abbot Xuan Jian as head monk requirements to protect military and civilian officials, and given the deposit Tripitaka. But now Qiongzhusi is famous and attracts a large number of foreign tourists, but it is preserved since the temple is considered to be multicolored clay five hundred Arhat colorful art treasures.

According to legend, in the Tang Dynasty years, Nanzhao Shan illustrates designate (Kunming supreme ruler) high light, Gao brothers in Kunming Xishan hunting, chasing a rhino case jade mountain to the north suddenly disappeared, but to see misty, there is a strange image , Hefatongyan group of monks, nor near to trace, leaving only a few pieces of Qiongzhu stick stuck in the ground, but a hand to dial dial up. Then go to the next day they are are leaves awe-inspiring brothers surprised endless. This is the divine revelation later realized that this is sacred land Braun, then in this temple. The temple has a couplet say is this legend: Earth Block Mountain, the white elephant Ching, Leo watched in delight as; days open shengjing, different rhino Table, Qiongzhu legend.

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