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Home >> Daguan Park travel information and tours

Daguan Park

Daguan ParkGrand View Park is located in the western suburbs of Kunming Dianchi Lake. It covers an area of 47.8 hectares, of which 23.1 ha of land, water surface 24.7 hectares. After 600 years of history, a different era of garden style, with nearly Pu and Daguanlou, Restaurant Filled, flower garden and a cypress park resort. Caohai in Dianchi coast, across the lake, Qudi Liu smoke, Lotus Pond, flowers are blooming. Lush garden flowers, rockeries, pavilions, bridges, water, scenery is very beautiful.

Park, the most ornamental value Daguanlou built near the water, three-storey building, was built in Kangxi years, because faced with the Dianchi Lake, Yuanwang sun, embrace the lake named. Front of the pool three white vertical pier, imitation West Lake Santanyinyue scenes. Long Beach, alongside bank south east side from Daguanlou Yaqian clouds over, you can see the shape as ship Restaurant Filled, two-story main building hull Xieshan classical architecture, as if a giant boats, bottom floor You can sit tea. Daguanlou title plaque couplets masterpiece lot, most notably by the Qing Dynasty scholar beard Weng Sun made 180 word-linking, known as the first long-linking ancient and modern, hanging on both sides of Daguanlou waterfront side of the post.

Every festival, Kunming tours held here often garden gathering, drawing huge crowds, sometimes also held the traditional Lantern Festival, many tourists. When Mid-Autumn night, in front of Daguanlou overlooking the water, as if the Hangzhou West Lake Santanyinyue, locally known as long-linking Indian Month, is a good place to celebrate the lake.

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