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Home >> Weishan Ancient City sightseeing and tour

Weishan Ancient City

Weishan Ancient CityAlso known as the ancient city of Weishan City, it is the birthplace of the ancient Nanzhao. It is located in the southern end of the dam around the mountain, is Weishan Yi and Hui Autonomous County is located. 61 km south of the ancient city of Dali City, about 400 kilometers east of Kunming.

According to the Mongolian annals of the draft records: Weishan existing ancient Ming Hongwu two years (1389), more than 600 years of history. Old Town square shape such as giant India, in the middle of writing is building for the Indian habitat, Fang Fang have four in three. Four gates upstairs who are each built buildings, called Chungmu East and West called Weiyuan, South called greet fee, north called Gongchen. Three-storey, powerful and spectacular. Since ancient repeated military disaster, plus disrepair, the ancient city of east, west, south three ancient building has been demolished, and the city now only North Gulou writing floor survived. But the whole layout view, the ancient city still maintains a checkerboard pattern of construction of the Ming and Qing. After the liberation government funding of two ancient building repair, a new look. However, due to the development of the county to the north, the city became the center of the North Gulou, while the original writing House in the city center, but is now located in the south.

In recent years, urban construction department the original South Street, North Street, the county hospital in front of the side streets, cross street widened, paved cement pavement. And newly built West Street and East Street and other streets are built, a lot of buildings, renovation and expansion of the two parks to make the ancient city of youthful glow, thriving. In January 1994, the State Council approved the third batch of Chinese Weishan as historical and cultural city. Also outside the city Wei Baoshan Taoist group, enlightenment Temple, Yuen Long Temple, dragon in FIG mountain, day Maya Temple cultural attractions.

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