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Yunnan Tourist Attractions

Yunnan Province is located in southwest China, the provincial capital Kunming. Yunnan Province, referred to as "Yunnan" or "cloud", is one of the cradles of human importance, lived about 1.7 million years ago, Yuanmou ape, is by far the earliest discovery of human and Asia. Warring States period, here is the Dian tribe of fowl. Yunnan, namely, "Caiyunzhinan" and the other argument is that because in the "Yunling of the South" is named. Total area of ??about 390,000 square kilometers, accounting for 4.11 percent area, the provincial administrative regions in the country ranked No. 8 in the area. Total population of 45,960,000 (2010), accounting for 3.35% of the population, the population ranked No. 12. And Yunnan provinces are adjacent to Sichuan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Tibet, Yunnan three neighboring countries of Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. Tropic of Cancer crosses from the southern province.

Daluo Forest Park (attractions2-xishuangbanna) 2016-7-20
Yunnan Provincial Museum (attractions2-kunming) 2016-6-26
Qingping Cave (attractions2-tengchong) 2016-5-10
Tianlong Cave (attractions2-dali) 2016-4-5
Mange Buddhist Temples (attractions2-xishuangbanna) 2016-3-28
Laojun Mountain (attractions2-lijiang) 2016-3-13
Qiongzhu Temple (attractions2-kunming) 2016-2-22
War Cemetery (attractions2-tengchong) 2016-1-19
Weishan Ancient City (attractions2-dali) 2016-1-5
Niru Township (attractions2-shangri-la) 2015-12-30
Air Corridor (attractions2-xishuangbanna) 2015-12-25
Baisha Ancient Town (attractions2-lijiang) 2015-12-8
Daguan Park (attractions2-kunming) 2015-12-4
Dianmian War Museum (attractions2-tengchong) 2015-10-16
Yan Family Residence (attractions2-dali) 2015-9-8
Bita Lake (attractions2-shangri-la) 2015-8-20
Dai Village (sight2-xishuangbanna) 2015-6-29
Lishui Jinsha (sight2-lijiang) 2015-6-5
Kunming Botanical Gardens (sight2-kunming) 2015-5-21
Heshun Qiaoxiang (sight2-baoshan) 2015-5-15
Shika Snow Mountain Scenic Spot (sight2-shangri-la) 2015-5-6
Gantong Cableway (sight2-dali) 2015-4-16
Dawn City (sight2-xishuangbanna) 2015-4-2
Bar Street (sight2-lijiang) 2015-3-15
Dongchuan Red Land (sight2-kunming) 2015-3-9
Volcano Group (sight2-baoshan) 2015-3-3
Balaguerzong Grand Canyon (sight2-shangri-la) 2015-2-24
Jingzhen Octagonal Pavilion (sight2-xishuangbanna) 2015-2-11
Jiuxiang Scenic Area (sight2-kunming) 2015-1-27
Dawn Scenic Area (sight2-lijiang) 2015-1-19
Luoquan Peninsula Scenic (sight2-dali) 2015-1-8
Gandong Park (sight2-lincang) 2015-1-4
Laojunshan Scenic Area (sight2-wenshan) 2014-11-20
World Butterfly Ecological Park (sight2-kunming) 2014-11-4
Pianma Anti-British Struggle Ruins (sight2-nujiang) 2014-10-18
Mojiang Confucian Temple (sight2-puer) 2014-10-10
Luoba National Forest Park (sight2-zhaotong) 2014-9-29
Desert Sand Big Bathed Tourism Cultural and Ecological Village (sight2-yuxi) 2014-9-23
Mengle Culture Landscaped Area (sight2-xishuangbanna) 2014-9-17
Zhangfeng Kannon Temple (sight2-dehong) 2014-9-9
Lingyun Ge (sight2-honghe) 2014-8-28
Yongren Fang Mountain (sight2-chuxiong) 2014-8-21
Yunfeng Mountain (sight2-baoshan) 2014-8-14
Wenhai Village (sight2-lijiang) 2014-7-29
Baishui Terrace (sight2-shangri-la) 2014-7-23
Eryuan Westlake (sight2-dali) 2014-7-15
Cuanbaozi Stele (sight2-qujing) 2014-7-7
Gengma Tusi Prefecture (sight2-lincang) 2014-7-2
Tsinghua Cave (sight2-wenshan) 2014-6-23
Daguanlou (sight2-kunming) 2014-6-11
Pianma Anti-British Memorial (sight2-nujiang) 2014-5-30
Leiguang Buddha Track Temple (sight2-puer) 2014-5-22
Xishuangbanna tour
Wanghai Floor (sight2-zhaotong) 2014-5-16
Maotianshan Animal Fossil Group (sight2-yuxi) 2014-5-8
Nanni Hot Springs (sight2-xishuangbanna) 2014-4-30
Wanding Crossings (sight2-dehong) 2014-4-23
South Creek River Drifting (sight2-honghe) 2014-4-17
Dragon Tiger Gorge (sight2-chuxiong) 2014-4-9
Southwest Silk Road (sight2-baoshan) 2014-3-31
World First High Bridge (sight2-yuxi) 2014-3-27
Tiger Leaping Gorge (sight2-lijiang) 2014-3-19
Songzanlin Monastery (sight2-shangri-la) 2014-3-15
Butterfly Spring (sight2-dali) 2014-3-11
Pearl River Source (sight2-qujing) 2014-3-9
Laoshan Mountain (sight2-wenshan) 2014-3-5
Jade Buddha Temple (sight2-baoshan) 2014-2-28
Dalongdong (sight2-zhaotong) 2014-2-25
Shiyang Ancient Town (sight2-chuxiong) 2014-2-19
Nayun Ancient Town (sight2-puer) 2014-2-19
Gejiu (sight2) 2014-2-17
Nong Island (sight2) 2014-2-13
Gaoligong Mountains, Scrap City (sight2) 2014-2-10
Gengma Total Buddha Temple, Fengqing Temple (sight2) 2014-2-4
Longhua Temple, Heijing Ancient Town (sight2) 2014-2-1
Maury Tropical Rainforest, Mengbanaxi Treasures Landscaped Area, (sight2) 2014-1-30
Nangunhe River, Yongde Snowy Mountains, (sight2) 2014-1-10
Dashanbao, Huanglian River Waterfall, (sight2) 2014-1-5
Qianjiazhai Stockade, Mojiang Tropic of Cancer Park 2013-12-22 (sight2)
Ailao Mountain, Lancang River 2013-12-16 (sight2)
Alu Ancient Cave, Swallow Cave 2013-12-8 (sight2)
Hot Sea, Volcano Hot Sea 2013-11-26 (sight2)
Ailao Mountain, Xiushan Mountain 2013-11-19 (sight2)
Nuodeng Ancient Village, Lugu Lake 2013-11-10 (sight2)
Bamei, Luoping 2013-10-24 (sight2)
Tuanshan Village, Zhang Family Garden 2013-10-5 (sight2)
Dianchi Lake, Heshun Ancient Town, Shuhe Ancient Town 2013-9-25 (sight2)
Lijiang Ancient Town, Baisha Town, Yunnan Nationalities Village 2013-9-16 (sight2)
Army Institute Former Site, Lijiang National Astronomical Observatory, South Austin Xuanfuci 2013-9-10 (tours-2)
Ailao Mountain, Alu Ancient Cave, Anning Hot Spring 2013-9-3 (tours-2)
Duoyi River (qujing sight2) 2013-8-30
Jiuxiang Scenic Area, Lugu lake, Luoping, Napahai Lake, Songzanlin Monastery, Three Pagodas, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (tours2) 2013-8-10
Sanla Waterfall, Tianshenqiao Caverns
Fuxian Lake
Meili Snow Mountain, Napahai Lake, Shudu Lake
Meili Snow Mountain, Erhai Lake, Five Old Mountain, Jiaozi Snow Mountain
Dali Ancient City, Dongchuan Red Soil Land, Golden Temple

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